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The Power of Collaboration, Communication and Change

People want to make a difference at work. They long to be seen and heard for what matters to them. When motivated, they contribute their best to something bigger than themselves. Empathy, or human connection, acts as the central connecting force for everything from employee engagement and customer loyalty to innovation and team leadership. It helps people make the leap from mistrust, missed opportunities and “power plays” to higherground…a place bringing out the best in people and their best thinking together…. where new directions and insights map out into results – smoother productivity, smarter success, and a higher calling at work. 

Marie Miyashiro brings real-world examples and tested methods on how to make empathy practical and impactful in work settings. She speaks, writes and consults on collaboration, communication and change in teams and multi-stakeholder groups and is recognized as an international thought and practice leader in the field. Guiding organizations and leaders for decades, Marie, and her team with the field-tested approach she developed, transforms workplaces bottom up to top down. She designs and facilitates uncommonly transformative and enjoyable conversations that matter and training programs that stick.

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"Breakthrough thinking from cover to cover
that will lead to more meaningful discourse
and heightened impact."
            ~JAMES B. HAYES, Former Publisher,
                                                 FORTUNE Magazine bookcover


New Events and Trainings

Talent2016logo.png CrossKnowledge Talent 2016 Conference

Keynote Speaker

CrossKnowledge Ad for Marie's Keynote 5feb2016.png 

March 17, 2016 - Paris, France

CrossKnowledge introduces Marie Miyashiro as a new faculty member.

The digital-learning solutions company delivers managerial and leadership

skills, reaching seven million end-users in multinational corporations,

universities and small and medium-sized enterprises in over 80 countries.

Employee and customer expectations are rapidly shifting toward more

personalization. A new generation of workers and social media are driving

a desire for increased human connection in business interactions. And,

our own stress levels are rising in response to more demands of this

fast-paced world. Marie Miyashiro brings real-world examples and tested

methods on how to make empathy practical and impactful in work settings.

Learn what empathy is and is not, and how empathy is the key to human

connections at work. Practice creating empathic connections in seconds

with a simple but uncommon process. Take home tools you can use

everyday. Feel the power and beauty of empathy in yourself to elevate

your work experience and enrich your personal life.


At the Talent 2016 Conference, Marie will deliver the closing keynote


~This event is free and for CrossKnowledge clients only.



Our Newest Training is Getting Rave Reviews…

“Facilitate Meetings that Matter”

How to Engage and Elevate the Best Thinking in Groups

Collaboration and communication are critical for organizational and community success. When many voices are heard, innovation and the best thinking of a group bubbles up. Shared responsibility happens...without prodding.

But people don’t like meetings. Most say it’s a waste of their time. Yet, time spent in meetings is on the rise. And, so too is the cost to morale, productivity and worse, executive and worker time translated into money. A May 2014 Harvard Business Review article on meetings and time and a related interview with co-author Michael Mankins,

“Your Scarcest Resource,” lists eight best practices for managing organizational time. Here’s a few of my favorites:

  • Make Agenda Clear and Selective… Purpose and Outcomes for each meeting. Have three distinct timed sections of a meeting: Information, Discussion, Decision. Close one section before moving to the next. One topic at a time, one need at a time.

  • Clearly Delegate Authority for Time Investments… We do it for cash and capital investments. Similarly we can set time budgets and authority levels for meetings, a form of time investment. By allocating a set number of hours per week someone is authorized to call meetings, there’s organizational time budgeting. Wow! What a concept.

  • Standardize the Decision Process - When everyone is clear that the purpose of the meeting is to make decisions and that the decision process is transparent with a repeatable structure, the meeting advances the key initiatives. No more, “Did we decide that?”

Our five-part “Facilitate Meetings that Matter” training incorporates many of these best practices and more... and is increasing engagement and elevating morale on teams. Here’s  a couple testimonials from last month’s “embedded training,” where participants learned the “Meetings that Matter” Fundamentals, Design and Communication elements while they were experiencing it as participants:

“These guys are rock stars in meeting and group dynamics.” 

Jeffrey Price, Associate Professor, University of Utah

“This was very good. There is real teaching happening. It is not about intangible cheerleading, it is about researched, successful strategies.”

- Assistant Professor, University of Utah

We are thrilled to:

  • Facilitate and design the group conversations that matter to you / your stakeholders using our “Meetings that Matter” approach so that it is productive and worth everyone’s time

  • Train you and your leaders on how to “Facilitate Meetings that Matter” within your own organization

Contact us to see how your meetings could engage and energize your people.

Make your meetings matter! 

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The Book

"The Empathy Factor offers cutting-edge insight on the root causes of the challenges that today's companies and organizations face and how teams can achieve game-changing transformation to achieve ultimate buy-in, accountability, morale and teamwork. If you're ready for real change and what is sure to be the next big thing in the business world—needs-responsive organizations—you will want to read The Empathy Factor."

—DIAN KILLIAN, Ph.D., Founder and Director, The Center for Collaborative Communication and Co-Author, Connecting Across Differences

The Empathy Factor validates the practice of empathy as a key business advantage. It shows sustainable results emerge when people in an organization operate more collaboratively as a whole and employ human "empathic" connections to meet both the needs of the organization and people at the same time. Instead of the two-dimensional Think-and-Do cultures prevalent in our workplaces, the book advocates for a third dimension, Connect-Think-Do. This approach places primacy on engaging with one another in our full humanness before and as we do our work.  [Learn More]

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