Successful Germany Workshops and German Translation of The Empathy Factor

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Celebrating the Successful German The Empathy Factor Workshops and the translation of the Empathy Factor to German - Der Faktor Empathie!

Just returned from Frankfurt, Germany where I was fortunate to both present to and learn from a full-house at The Empathy Factor workshops held in coordination with the book published in German as Der Faktor Empathie. Trainers, consultants, business leaders from nine countries gathered to learn about the Integrated Clarity® process of conscious needs connection for organizations...we all learned from each other and...there was fun and laughter! What Marie learned: 1) When we are connected to needs and living from the collective "We," a Source greater than ourselves - insights, inspiration and imagination into our Bright Future happens; 2) Being generous through our work is one strategy to make empathy come alive in workplaces; 3) Empathy is about connection to the I, You and We levels of work - Compassion is about shared action. What Marie said for the first time in public: a) The quality of speaking is informed by the quality of listening; b) When the "I's" of the organization are focused on the shared future of the "We," healing of the "I" and "You" happens and the "We" thrives; c) We have a moral obligation to uplift workplaces by empathizing with what matters to the people in them, especially when this may be contrary to what we value. The Empathy Factor workshops are offered in Brisbane and Melbourne, Australia in July 2013 with other European workshops to be offered in 2014 and China in 2015. To stay updated, opt in to

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