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"Empathy has always been a core part of Marie Miyashiro. Now she has transformed that valued human relations quality and skillfully turned it into a powerful communications force for the business community. The Empathy Factor will help thoughtful business people add substance and dimension to relationships within the workforce—colleagues and customers. Breakthrough thinking from cover to cover that will lead to more meaningful discourse and heightened impact."

—JAMES B. HAYES, Former Publisher, FORTUNE Magazine

"The Empathy Factor provides great insight into almost diametrically opposed business needs, personal and corporate. Not only does it explain why they exist, but provides sound techniques to achieve synergy between the two—in turn, making the employee and business more productive. This should be required reading for any manager or supervisor."

—BILL MOORE, Senior Vice President, Ipitek Corporation; Former Vice President and General Manager, Ortel Corporation; Former Corporate Marketing Manager, Hewlett-Packard

"Fabulous! With this book, Marie has made several very important contributions to the body of work concerning effective leaders. She makes a clear connection between the vitality of organizations and the ability of its leaders to harness the vast potential energy generated by engaging human beings in the landscape of their feelings. Equally important, she has taken the widely heralded virtue of empathy and made it very accessible with numerous pragmatic strategies and tools. A must-read for any emerging leader!"

—ULRICH NETTESHEIM, Managing Partner, Passages Consulting; Lecturer at Haas School of Business at University of California Berkeley; and Founder of Umanity

"Marie Miyashiro's comprehensive discussion of empathy in the workplace resonates with integrity. As I read The Empathy Factor, the Integrated Clarity model of organizational needs came to life. I saw immediate applications for anyone who works as a consultant to organizations, whether for-profit, nonprofit, or social enterprise. Marie embodies the capacity to relate to ourselves with compassion as we create possibilities for alternate futures to emerge."

—CATHERINE W. BROOKER, M.A., Founder and Principal Consultant, Social Futures Group; Former Senior Organization Development Consultant at Sun Microsystems

"I came away from The Empathy Factor with new insights, new skills, and a much stronger appreciation of the crucial importance of 'connecting.' And I agree: the payoffs of putting this value into practice are huge! Now, those payoffs—capacity to innovate, resilience under pressure, and overall organizational effectiveness—are within much easier reach, thanks to the wisdom provided in this wonderful book."

—SAM KANER, Ph.D., Author, Consultant, Expert in Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration; Founder of the San Francisco-based international consulting firm, Community AtWork

"Marie makes her point and encourages her reader's belief not only in the 'theory' of empathy but also the 'reality' that one can achieve. Business climates can truly benefit from her expertise and The Empathy Factor is a good read! I encourage anyone who wants to open their mind to a better way of communicating to open a copy of this book."

—ROBIN D. LANE, Vice President of the Board of Directors, Arizona Women's Golf Association; Former Major Account Sales Representative, Sun Microsystems


“The Empathy Factor is a book that points at new ways to think about the difficult and complex problems facing organizations and the world. As an organizational consultant and coach for 20 years, I personally implemented with great success the methodologies Marie provides in her book. Her unique approach helps my clients increase their capacity to collaborate, resolve entrenched conflicts and innovate.”

JEAN-PHILIPPE BOUCHARD, MA, PCC - Partner and Senior Organisational Consultant, Prologue Consultants Inc.; Certified Nonviolent Communication Trainer

“I LITERALLY stayed in my bedroom one weekend to read the entire book – no outside connection. I only came out of the room to eat. My copy is now full of highlighted, underlined, circled sections with lots and lots of post-it notes. By the way, I’m not at all a reader (ashamed to say), especially books for work. But this book, I was blown away. I HAD to read it all. Basically, I’m saying I’m a huge fan.”

SHOKO MIYAGI, Training Officer, UW-Madison, Facilities Planning and Management

"Those of us seeking to humanize the workplace through empathy and needs-consciousness have largely been sourcing the work through exploration and discovery. Now, The Empathy Factor provides an easy-to-read and comprehensive guide to connect with both the head and the heart of this work. Marie frames it within her wealth of knowledge and applied experience of organization development leaders. I am particularly excited at Marie's articulation of needs at the organizational level, which are essential to expand this work into the workplace.  This book goes to the top of the suggested reading list for my clients!"

—GREGG KENDRICK, Founder/CEO, Basileia LLC; Former CEO, Republic Research Training Centers, Inc.; CNVC Certified Trainer

"The Empathy Factor is at once accessible and far-reaching in its implications. In page after page filled with real-life examples and tips, Marie Miyashiro makes the case that empathy is entirely learnable, eminently practical, and core and central to an organization's capacity to achieve its mission. Far from a 'soft' distraction, the needs-awareness allows everyone to zoom in on what matters most, the source of focus and efficiency in achieving business and personal goals. I recommend this book highly for anyone who wants to gain a handle on how to make organizations adapt to the rapidly changing constraints of our times."

—MIKI KASHTAN, Ph.D., Co-Founder, Lead Facilitator and Trainer, Bay Area Nonviolent Communication

"Organizations have needs just as people in organizations have needs—an amazingly refreshing perspective! Marie has beautifully illustrated how the power of empathy can humanize the workplace and help transform our world."

—SYLVIA HASKVITZ, M.A., R.D., CNVC Certified Trainer, Communication Consultant and author, Eat by Choice, Not by Habit

"The Empathy Factor is an energizing statement of the fundamental importance of human connection in ALL areas of life. Its clarion call to connect first is a refreshing and liberating reminder for all organizations, companies, and even teachers. The methods and ideas in this book will be very useful tools for optimizing student-teacher interactions."

—PAUL WEBER, Ph.D., Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics, University of Puget Sound


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