buytheempathyfactoratworkcoverIn this cutting-edge book, award-winning communications and organizational strategist Marie Miyashiro provides insight into the fundamental importance of human "empathic" connections in workplace systems and the significant role they play on the vitality and productivity of organizations. The book details a proven and repeatable method for developing and practicing empathy as a workplace skill. The Empathy Factor–Your Competitive Advantage for Personal, Team, and Business Success takes Marshall Rosenberg's work developing Compassionate Communication into the business community by introducing Integrated Clarity®—a framework you can use to understand and effectively meet the critical needs of your organization without compromising those of your employees, team members or customers.

The Empathy Factor helps you create more choice, power and productivity for yourself, your organization, and customers with whom you engage. How? By surfacing and energizing that most often overlooked third dimension—the human dimension of connection. A connection based on empathy. There are three distinct levels of empathic connection that are constantly at play in our workplace: our relationship to our own internal state, our relationships with co-workers and collaborators —and the relationships that connect us with our end consumers. In many situations, the quality of these connections is not meeting critical human needs such as trust, respect, autonomy, understanding and meaning. Since our entire global economy is shifting to one of complex interdependent relationships, the value of connections and empathy in the workplace continues to increase. The Empathy Factor offers proof that building a more compassionate, empathic workplace is precisely the path to greater productivity, and consequently, profits. More important, the book shows today's managers how they can build teams and organizations where empathy is the core driver of their success; with engaged people working productively in workplaces where inspired people and profits meet.

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Sample A Few Pages From The Empathy Factor

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