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Elucity Network, Inc., specializes in supporting organizations and communities to do their best thinking together. Their team of master facilitators, consultants and trainers design conversation processes for both multi-stakeholder and single stakeholder groups that are focused on everything from problem solving and developing their preferred “Bright Future” together to conflict resolution and innovation development.

Their Connect-Think-Do model of collaboration, communication and change has helped hundreds of client teams in business, universities, government agencies and nonprofits reach the higher ground of shared purpose and mutual respect with uncommonly high satisfaction ratings and long-term positive results.

Its president and chief facilitation officer, Marie R. Miyashiro, has been guiding organizations and leaders for decades. The field-tested approach she developed, transforms workplaces bottom up to top down. They make the leap from mistrust, missed opportunities and “power plays” to higher ground…a place bringing out the best in people and their best thinking together…. where new directions and insights map out into results – smoother productivity, smarter success, increased innovation and a higher calling at work. She designs and facilitates unexpectedly transformative and enjoyable conversations that matter.


Her book, The Empathy Factor – Your Competitive Advantage for Personal, Team, and Business Success, was published by PuddleDancer Press in 2011. The foreword is by Jerry Colonna, a top financier for the new economy. Endorsements for it come from business leaders like Jim Hayes, former publisher of FORTUNE magazine to academic deans and faculty as well as nonprofit leaders. Marie’s process, Integrated Clarity®, the proprietary process she developed, is featured in The Change Handbook – The Definitive Resource on Today’s Best Methods for Engaging Whole Systems and the chapter is co-authored with Marshall Rosenberg, Ph.D., of the Compassionate Communication process. She has over two dozen partnering and communications awards working with Fortune 500 clients, nonprofits, unions, universities and government agencies.

Marie has an office in Arizona with affiliate firms in The Netherlands, Germany, Australia and Canada. The IC Globally Team, is a consortium of consultants and trainers that shares a common passion to re-humanize workplaces for increased progress and connection using needs-based methods including the Compassionate Communication and Integrated Clarity processes.


"Marie Miyashiro facilitates with style and sensitivity. Our VCUarts leadership retreat reached new levels of result through engaging conversation and visual formats. This leapfrogged us into action steps that continue today. Their good spirit provided us with a congenial atmosphere prompting honest discussion, a clear view of our challenges and a road map to pursue even greater opportunities."

- Joe Seipel, Dean - School of the Arts, Virginia Commonwealth University


“Best and most efficient strategic planning session I have experienced in 37 years in business.”

 - Gordon Amini, Head Legal Counsel, Physicians Liability Insurance Company

“This was truly a fantastic collaborative brainstorming session that I believe will lead to the increase and preservation of affordable housing.”

- Susan Soto, City of Tucson, Tucson Metropolitan Housing Commission Member

“A most amazing process… Elucity has shown light into the corners of the most dark areas of challenge in our organization. Marie and her team did the unimaginable by gifting our team with heart and the ability to be honest.”                                                 

- Dylan Ross, Therapist/Counselor, Kaiser Permanente San Francisco

“I recommend this workshop to teams that are having difficulty prioritizing their tasks. I feel that we truly have a vision for the year! Completely and utterly excited!!!”

 - Carol Corcoran, Client Manager, Merck, SBS Americas Support Services

“Came in the first morning feeling very skeptical about the two day session and left feeling incredibly empowered.”

 - Carl Sagar, Business Unit Support Specialist, Merck, SBS Americas Support Services

“Integrated Clarity is a gateway into a Life-Affirming way of thinking and behaving….incredibly inspiring and empowering.”

 - Anita Nowak, Organizational Trainer/Consultant, Montreal, Canada



“What an invaluable methodology for creating consensus! Thanks so much!”

- Diane McCloskey, Associate Professor, Kent State University School of Music

"Marie is a master facilitator in creating an environment where groups move forward on their critical needs and goals to achieve more results. Whether there's conflict or collaboration, it's transformative."

- Raymond Tymas-Jones, Associate Vice President for the Arts and Dean, College of Fine Arts,

The University of Utah; Past President International Council of Fine Arts Deans

"Marie and the entire IC Globally Team provide engaging, insightful and thoughtful facilitation and guidance.  As a direct result of our work with them, the College is implementing a strategic plan that is clear, action-oriented and forward thinking. Everyone is invested in transforming our College into the best it can be."

 - Dr. John R. Crawford, Dean, College of the Arts, Kent State University;

President-Elect International Council of Fine Arts Deans 



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