"Some processes focus on people issues like improving morale or communication, while others focus on strategic planning and business aspects. What's exciting and different about Integrated Clarity® is that it addresses both at the same time."

—Human Resources Manager, moving and logistics company

We believe every organization has six universal needs. We use our proprietary framework, Integrated Clarity® (IC), and Nonviolent CommunicationSM (NVC) to illuminate these needs and increase efficiency in an organization's operations by encouraging a blame-free work environment that focuses people on the needs of the organization while being creative, productive and engaged in active learning.

What we think is unique about our approach is that our framework and process works on all three levels within an organization: intrapersonal (what goes on inside of us), interpersonal (how we are with others) and organizational (how we engage with the whole system and the customer).

Applying IC and NVC to the workplace takes many forms:

1. Strategic planning – from core values to branding

2. Facilitated decision making

3. Organization development consulting

4. Communication training

5. Customer service training

6. Performance review training

7. Executive and employee coaching

8. Keynote speeches, conference presentations and workshops for corporate events



Marie Miyashiro, President and founder of Elucity Network, Inc., provides business outreach, strategic planning, organization development, executive team development and employee relations training for private- and public-sector organizations, including nonprofits. With over 30 years of consulting experience, Marie has received over two dozen awards for communication and partnership programs.



INTRODUCTION for Marie R . Miyashiro: 

For 12 years now, long before empathy became a topic of interest for the workplace, Marie Miyashiro took a risk and began naming empathy as a critical workplace skill for the 21st century. She is a pioneer in the field of empathy in business and is recognized internationally as a thought and practice leader. She helps leaders and teams combine human connection with the organizational needs for progress and growth. Her message is that there is both moral and economic profit when organizations put human connection at the center of their operations.


Since the publication of her book, The Empathy Factor in 2011, Marie has been invited globally to conduct empathy trainings, organizational consulting and deliver keynote talks for leadership teams, human resources professionals, retail and customer service  trainers, universities and international conferences. From Asia and Europe to the Americas, Marie shares stories and ideas on how to make empathy practical to support employee engagement, customer loyalty and innovative thinking. The Empathy Factor has been translated into French, German, and Dutch with Chinese scheduled for 2016.


Marie was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii into an Okinawan-American family where feelings were acknowledged and her voice was heard. She saw empathy at home from a young age and began a lifelong curiosity about how people connect. She considers herself a student of empathy as much as an expert.

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Sample Keynote Speech

Employee and customer expectations are rapidly shifting toward more personalization. A new generation of workers and social media is driving a desire for increased human connection in business interactions. And, our own stress levels are rising in response to more demands of this fast-paced world. Marie Miyashiro brings real-world examples and tested methods on how to make empathy practical and impactful in work settings. Learn what empathy is and is not, and how empathy is the key to human connections at work. Practice creating empathic connections in seconds with a simple but uncommon process. Take home tools you can use everyday. Feel the power and beauty of empathy in yourself to elevate your work experience and enrich your personal life.


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